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MADE is joining forces with The Motley Makers Network

It's hard to believe that this time last year MADE Artisan Markets was just celebrating its first market in Leesburg! After a successful trial of the indoor art market business model, we spent 2022 researching what artists and makers need to be successful in launching their own businesses. And so, one year later, we are joining forces with The Motley Makers to form a community of like-minded artists and makers who are on a journey to being self-MADE. 

We are passionate about entrepreneurship and we are equally passionate about artists who are looking to be supported on their entrepreneur journey. We believe that providing a place to network, share inspiration, promote events, review products, curate exceptional content, and innovate new trends and ideas in the handmade industry will not only help our growing community of artists, but will also continue to boost the need for a marketplace such as MADE - particularly in Loudoun County!

Image by Ambitious Creative Co.  - Rick Barrett

What can you expect with this change?

Our growing community of artists and makers have given us their feedback and here are some of the things we'll be working on for them...

  • Promotions! From IG handles to Youtube channels, our artists and makers are out there trying to grow their audience and we know we can help by promoting, showcasing, and sharing.

  • Events! The number of events in our area have doubled and tripled since 2021 when we first opened MADE. Keeping track is hard, reviews are critical, and you can count on us to tell it like it is!

  • Influencers! Regardless of your medium, there are influencers and innovators out there and sharing our work with them and vice versa is how we help each other succeed. We'll be reaching out to find them and connecting them with our community to help us all grow.


Bottom line - Networking and information is the key to success in the handmade industry and we're going to do it better than anyone else!

What about MADE?

MADE Artisan Markets continues to be our vision for a brick and mortar marketplace with one mission - to help the small entrepreneur launch from their basement to a storefront. Until we are able to secure a location that can help everyone be successful, we'll be growing our capabilities from the marketing and promotion standpoints. This means we'll be growing the brand and building recognition so that as soon as customers see the sign go up on the storefront, they'll know exactly what it is and what to expect!


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