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MADE Artisan Market Artist Agreement: Terms & Conditions 


This is an agreement between The Motley Maker, LLC dba MADE Artisan Markets, and _______________________________ (Artist) who created and owns the artwork, handmade goods, and/or products for sale at the Market. 


The Artist is paying a booth rental fee in the amount of _____________ which will cover space rent during business hours of the Market for the days reserved during the Market (Rental Period). For the Rental Period, the Artist will have access to the facilities to sell their artwork in a designated booth. For the Rental Period, the Artist will also benefit from marketing, advertising, and events to promote the Market and the Artist’s products. Signing of this agreement also provides the Artist with dedicated space in the Market website and other promotional materials.


The Artist agrees to exhibit their goods for sale at the market for the designated days chosen by the Artist at the time of this agreement. The Artist agrees to be present in their booth for the duration of the Market on these designated days unless otherwise arranged with the Market. Failure to be available for the Market during the reserved days may result in a breach of this agreement including NON-refundable rental fees. Appointed designees for the Artist must also sign a waiver of liability (see below). 


The Artist agrees to create a professional atmosphere in their booth, treat customers respectfully, and represent the Market positively. The Market reserves the right to remove any Artist who does not comply with these expectations and refund any rental fees which have not been used.


The Artist agrees in good faith to exhibit their works in a professional booth-style display with approved table coverings, racks, or other types of accepted display arrangement. No tents will be permitted at indoor markets.


The Artist agrees to arrange for their own Point of Sale (POS) to take payments from customers. It is the Artist’s responsibility to collect and file sales tax with the State.


The Artist is solely responsible for risk of loss or damage to the Artist’s products and/or works except in the event of intentional acts of destruction or damage by the Market employees, volunteers, or agents. The Market is responsible for reasonable building security and restricted access to the Artist’s products and/or booth area. 


The agreement will automatically terminate with the death of the Artist or if the Gallery goes out of business, or breaches the agreement. The Artist will indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Motley Maker, LLC, including its officers, board, members, agents, employees, community representatives and volunteers, from any and all claims, damages, actions, liabilities, judgments, suits, losses, payments, costs fines, fees, and expenses of every nature and description including attorney fees, arising or resulting from or in any connection with the Market. The Market is responsible to carry the level of insurance as required by the State for the duration of the Market. 


All modifications, deletions or additions to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. This agreement will be governed by and in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia. 

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