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MADE is here!

Plans for an indoor artisan market available year-round in Northern Virginia are under way!

MADE Artisan Markets opened their doors in Leesburg Virginia in 2021 for a Holiday Pop-up. The unique business model is designed to help each artisan, maker, and small business owner grow from their bedrooms and garage spaces to a brick and mortar storefront. After a successful small trial in November and December of 2021, MADE set out to secure a larger piece of real estate in Northern Virginia to continue the mission to support the small business owner.

To date, we have not been able to find a piece of storefront property that would serve our growing community of artists and makers best. As many of us are aware, property values in northern Virginia have never been higher! However, we continue to search for the ideal location, partner(s), and shopping experience that makes the MADE concept ideal for this post-COVID retail climate.


MADE - An Indoor Street Fair

We recognize that shoppers are looking for new experiences! Visiting the shopping mall or the strip mall just doesn't inspire anymore. Street fairs have become more and more popular because they connect artists and unique innovations in art with the people who can truly appreciate an artist's journey! But, for an artist who is exhibiting their work, the street fairs are extremely challenging. From entry fees to tents and tables, travel away from home, and managing inventory, keeping up with art festivals and other outdoor events is expensive and risky! All it takes is one bad weather day and not only could you lose shoppers, but your investment in your displays could be lost!

So what if a shopper could have the street fair experience every day but the artist didn't have to worry about the weather? What if we could provide high quality, fine art, just like you can find at dozens of weekend art festivals but all under one roof, and every day of the week?

This is the inspiration behind MADE. Bringing together a community of artists who are inspired to create with skill and craftsmanship to a marketplace where their goods and services are on full display! 


What is MADE?

We are a creative community of makers who are dedicated to promoting the arts in our towns by featuring local artisans, jewelers, craftsmen and women, designers and decorators, painters, sculptors, glass artists and more! All under one roof to create a unique shopping experience that might feel like a street fair - but it's indoors, comfortable, and here for you come rain or shine! 

In a MADE Artisan Market, you'll be able to find unique gifts, priceless art, rare and exceptional craftsmanship in wood and other mediums, contemporary home decor, unique innovations in art, and a variety of painting, photography, mixed media, and 3D art. Come back and visit our Artists page to see more about what inspires our artisans to create their masterpieces.

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